Singing is Life
Singing is Life

About Us

Music really is the international language! We have seen how true this is in our different groups again and again.


Children are always welcome to start making music with us here. The little ones get to learn the basics of music and have lots of fun in the process - they get to move around, make noise and even learn some music theory along the way. Singing also helps improve children’s language skills – an added benefit.


In our youth choir, friends get together to laugh, sing and practice. New kids in the group are welcomed with open arms and feel at home right away.


We also have adult groups with a higher musical proficiency, but the main point is still to socialize and have fun.


We know we have achieved our goal when the spark jumps over to the audience! Our music entertains our guests and is fun for us to make. We practice hard and gather new experiences from numerous performances. That's a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun. And since playing also make you thirsty, we usually wind up our practices with a drink or two together.


We are happy to have any new addition to our family. Just drop by. You're bound to like it!

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