Singing is Life
Singing is Life

Admission Interview

 Our interview process is low key and fun. We want you to know that you (or your student) are going to have a good experience. When you arrive for your interview, we will begin with talk: why are you interested in lessons, what led you here, what you hope to accomplish. We will also go over the teacher's background, the studio policies and expectations, and billing and tuition. You will have many opportunities to ask questions during the interview portion. Remember, you are interviewing your teacher as much as she (or he!) is interviewing you. Following the audition portion (outlined below according to instrument), we will end again with conversation and recommendations. There is no interview fee for voice or piano. The interview process takes about an hour.

Voice Lessons

All voice students should bring a water bottle and be emotionally prepared to sing. Also, please indicate any cat allergies on your audition request form. Please allow 45 minutes to one hour for your interview/audition.


Regardless of age, beginning singers should arrive prepared to sing with a song of your choosing (no CD or self accompaniment, please. Sheet music or unaccompanied singing is fine). If you have no ideas for a song, a patriotic song, a hymn such as "Amazing Grace" or even "Happy Birthday" are all fine.


Transfer voice students and experienced singers should prepare a contest/audition quality piece from memory. Additionally, you may also prepare a musical theatre or other genre song of your own choosing if you intend that genre to be a focus in your studies.


School aged singers should be accompanied by a parent and/or the person responsible for payment. The teacher will give you a mini-lesson and a complete vocal evaluation, which will include a brief warm-up, range and tessatura determining exercises, vocal health evaluation and a brief test of tonal memory. Following this, the teacher will make a recommendation for type and length of lesson and what will be the first focus as well as the long term goals.

Piano Lessons

Beginning piano students may play a song on the piano or not. This is not a requirement for beginning piano students (especially the very young), but if they like, they certainly may play for the teacher.


Transfer piano students of all ages should try to prepare a piece to play. They will be evaluated on basic musicianship and instrumental techniques, including accuracy, phrasing, pedaling, hand position and fingering.

Composition and Songwriting

When you interview with David for composition lessons, submit an example of your work at least a week before your appointment. Notated scores, recordings, or sound files are all acceptable. You will receive a demo lesson and detailed feedback on your work. Following this you will receive a recommendation for further study. A composition interview has an evaluation fee of $100. Pre-requisites for studying composition include basic proficiency on your instrument and a working knowledge of the elements of music and harmony.

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