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People of all ages are welcome to studio piano at McIntire Studios. The Piano Program at McIntire Studios is flexible tailored to the needs of the individual. Piano Lessons at McIntire Studios are appropriate for beginning through late-intermediate students of all ages who wish to make music a part of their life. We accept adults, transfer students, and children as young as four. This program is paced to suit the needs of the individual student. 


The length of weekly piano lessons varies according to the needs of the student. Typically, very young students (ages 4 - 6) have 20 minute lessons once or twice weekly, beginners of all other ages are typically 30 - 45 minutes, more advanced students usually run 45 - 60 minutes.


Students will learn

  • appropriate posture and healthy hand/arm/shoulder 
  • parts of the piano
  • use of pedals
  • piano/keyboard maintenance
  • Musicianship (notes, keys, elements of music)
  • theory and aural skills appropriate to the level
  • scales, exercises, and appropriate fingering
  • wide variety of repertoire

Piano methods are appropriate for the early levels of piano study. The best method is really just what is best for the individual student. Although we are open to using other methods if the student has already started with another teacher and likes the method they are using, the piano methods we prefer to use include:


Students must have either a piano or a full-sized keyboard at home. 


For intermediate students wishing to improve their theory and composition skills, keyboard harmony and chord theory (both on paper and in practice) are available for study.


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