Singing is Life
Singing is Life

Welcome to McIntire Studios!

Welcome to the music studios of Michelle and David McIntire, teachers and parents who are dedicated to the musical success of their students. They approach teaching music from the standpoint of  professional music educators, with emphasis on student achievement and mastery.


The Music Program at McIntire Studios is designed for beginning through advanced students of all ages who wish to make music a part of their life. We accept adults, transfer students, and children as young as four into our piano studio. Singers and composers are evaluated for admission on a one-on-one basis. This program is paced to suit the needs of the individual student, with daily practice leading to lasting accomplishment. Studio recitals are given twice a year, with occasional supplementary solo recitals and group classes. We strongly believe that music is essential to the development of the whole person; therefore, lessons should be demanding and stretch the student, yet be light-hearted with a sense of fun. We strive to motivate students of all ages and ability levels with humor and positive reinforcement.


With a home studio located in Parkville, Michelle offers voice and piano lessons to students of all ages and abilities. David is a composer, professor and producer who has had numerous performances of his work throughout the United States. Look around the site to learn more about the studio and the lessons offered. Thank you for visiting!


If you love to sing, voice lessons are available for you! Both private and group lessons are available. Voice students learn how to use proper support, breathe correctly, hear pitches more accurately, prepare a performance or an audition, and form a more beautiful sound. Coachings for performances, recitals, school or local auditions and MSHSAA events are included in regular lessons. Musical Theatre, Classical, and popular styles are all presented.


Piano lessons are for beginning and intermediate students. No experience is necessary--but you do need to own your own instrument. While we think of the typical piano student as being young - and we do accept students as young as 4! - it is never too late to learn how to play the piano. If you love music and have a committment to yourself, we will design a curriculum that will move at your unique pace and is suited to fit your lifestyle. Come, lets get you playing! 


If your interest lies more in making your own music, McIntire Studios has you covered. Traditional composition, electronic music (contemporary and EDM), song writing, keyboard harmony, chord theory, GarageBand, MainStage, Logic and more! Students must be proficient musicians with a firm grounding in the elements of music, keyboard harmony, and an awareness of musical form.

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